A/Prof Jonathan Mynard - Leader of Cardiovascular Bioengineering @ MCRI.

A/Prof Mynard is a bioengineer who specialises in cardiovascular modelling, blood pressure and flow dynamics (haemodynamics) and congenital heart disease. He is a co-funded R.D. Wright Career Development Fellow (NHMRC) and Future Leader Fellow (National Heart Foundation). He holds a BSc in Medical Biophysics and BEng in Electronic Engineering (Swinburne University), an MRes in Computer Modelling (Swansea University, UK) and a PhD from the University of Melbourne. As a CJ Martin Fellow (NHMRC), he spent two years at the Biomedical Simulation Laboratory, University of Toronto, where he developed expertise in image-based computational fluid dynamics. He now leads the Cardiovascular Bioengineering team at MCRI, which is a part of the Heart Research group and Clinical Sciences theme within the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute. He has authored over 50 peer-reviewed publications, is on the editorial board of Heart, Lung and Circulation, and has served as reviewer for over 240 papers in 48 physiology, medical and bioengineering journals. He is an Honorary Principal Research Fellow with the Department of Paediatrics and Honorary Senior Fellow with the Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of Melbourne and the Department of Cardiology, Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne. See here for a full publication list..

Current students

Avinash Kondiboyina
PhD candidate
Melanie Clarke
PhD candidate
Giulia Comunale
PhD candidate (international)
Luke Ryan
Capstone Engineering Project Student
Jessica Bottomley
Capstone Engineering Project Student
Natalie Stewart
Honours Student
Jonathan Glenning
Honours Student
Molly Muir
Honours Student
Kieran Sandhu
MDRP Student

Research Staff

Mubin Yousuf
(Research Engineer)
Chris Adamson
(Software Developer)
Hilary Harrington
Research Assistant
Greta Goldsmith
Research Assistant

Student Alumni

Heart Research Senior Collaborators

A/Prof Michael Cheung
Director of Cardiology
Royal Children's Hospital
A/Prof Joe Smolich
Experimental Physiology Team
Principal Research Fellow
Dr Salvatore Pepe
Cellular Physiology Team
Senior Research Fellow
Prof Yves D'Udekem
Deputy Director, Cardiac Surgery
Royal Children's Hospital

External Collaborators